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Kidney Cancer Expertise

At Stanford, our Urologic Oncology physicians offer sophisticated diagnostics, minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery, cryoablation, targeted therapies and compassionate, personalized care.

We work closely with you to develop an optimal treatment plan that provides the best chances for a successful outcome.

Kidney Cancer and Renal Cell Carcinoma Program Highlights:

  • Advanced imaging capabilities using new tracers for the detection of early and advanced disease
  • Multidisciplinary tumor board of kidney cancer experts, who review patient records, imaging and pathologic specimens, and provide a comprehensive treatment recommendation.
  • Robotic/laparoscopic partial or radical nephrectomy
  • Immunotherapies such as high dose interleukin-2 for advanced renal cell carcinoma
  • Cryoablation, a procedure in which cold energy is used to destroy tumor tissue
  • New targeted therapies that may be more effective and cause fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy
  • Monthly urologic cancer support group meetings, including lectures on state-of-the-art treatments and clinical trials, as well as interactive patient/physician panel discussions
  • Novel clinical trials using immunotherapy and combination agents

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