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Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG)

Program Description

The Stanford ECOG Affiliates Program provides community hospitals a means to participate in national cancer clinical trials and to collaborate with members of the Stanford Cancer Institute. Through this program hospital-based physicians are able to become members of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG), primarily sponsored by the NCI, and one of the largest cancer clinical research organizations. Stanford ECOG personnel assist with program setup, technology transfer, and ongoing quality improvement consulting. This affiliation enables institutional involvement with colleagues on both the national and local level.


Stanford/ECOG Provides:

Affiliate Expectations:

Getting Started

  1. Arrange for a briefing about the program. Stanford Cancer Institute and ECOG Program members will visit your facilities, meet with your key personnel, including the Senior Investigator and Administrator, to discuss the program.
  2. Complete the ECOG New Affiliate Application. The Stanford ECOG Principal Investigator will write a Letter of Support.
  3. Upon approval, Stanford ECOG staff will visit your institution to assist with the program kickoff, which includes a briefing for key personnel and advice on clinical trial selection.

Contact Information:

Heather Wakelee, M.D.,
Associate Professor of Medicine,
ECOG Principal Investigator

Miriam Bischoff, MS, MBA
Executive Administrative Director,
Clinical Research Stanford Cancer Institute


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