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Immunology PhD Program

The Immunology PhD program is an interdepartmental program offering training in immunology and related basic and clinical biomedical sciences. The program involves approximately 44 faculty members from the Department of Biological Sciences in the School of Humanities and Science and from 9 departments in the School of Medicine.

The research interests of our faculty cover the full breadth of modern immunology including cellular immunology, molecular immunology, clinical immunology and structural immunology. Among other areas, their work is exploring the development and function of:

The program also has a strong molecular component with many laboratories investigating molecules involved in the induction and expression of immune responsiveness. These include:

Program members benefit from the expert support services of a number of core facilities. Each facility conducts its own development efforts to ensure investigators have access to the most sophisticated technologies available today such as:

For more information on the Immunology PhD program, please visit the program’s website.


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