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Cancer Biology PhD Program

Established in 1978, the Cancer Biology PhD Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide graduate and medical students with the education and training they need to make significant contributions to the field of cancer biology. The program is led by Amato Giaccia, PhD and currently has 66 participating faculty.

Coursework during the first year equips students with a broad understanding of the molecular, genetic, cell biological and pathobiological aspects of cancer. Areas covered include:

By the beginning of the second year, students have chosen a research advisor and begun work on their dissertation projects. The annual Cancer Biology Conference at Asilomar provides students with an opportunity to present their research findings. The expected time to degree is four to five years.

The Cancer Biology program also sponsors a postdoctoral scholar track in which accepted MD and PhD scholars pursue research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Each scholar must present yearly at the program’s annual retreat.

For more information about the Cancer Biology Program, please visit them online.


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