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Complex Pancreatic Surgery

The Pancreas Center at Stanford (PCS) is a multidisciplinary team of experts dedicated to the treatment of patients with benign and malignant diseases of the pancreas.

A Team Approach to Pancreatic Disease

Gastroenterologists and interventional radiologists perform therapeutic interventions for benign conditions;  surgical interventions are also available through a number of nationally recognized experts well versed in pancreatic surgery. The outcomes for these conditions are excellent.

Stanford Surgical Expertise

It has clearly been shown that hospitals and physicians who treat large numbers of patients with diseases of the pancreas have much better outcomes, lower complication rates, and few, if any deaths directly attributable to surgical and related interventions.

Cancer of the pancreas requires non-surgical interventions as well as complicated surgery, which should be left in the hands of experts. These operations, which include the radical pancreaticoduodenectomy or Whipple procedure, are performed almost every week at the Stanford Pancreas Surgery Center.

Stanford has an excellent record in complicated pancreas surgery and its program is one of the most distinguished in the United States.  Stanford's pancreas surgeons, George A. Poultsides, MD, Brendan C. Visser, MD and Jeffrey A. Norton, MD, are leaders in pancreas surgery, providing clinical excellence in managing complicated pancreas cancer, and also in the many technically demanding operations performed for both malignant and benign diseases of the pancreas.

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