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Soft Tissue Sarcomas Prevention

Because most people who get soft tissue sarcoma do not have any risk factors, doctors have little advice on how you can prevent this very rare form of cancer.

Remember, you can have all the risk factors and not get soft tissue sarcoma. Or you can have none of them and get this illness. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your risk.

Risk Factors You May Be Able to Lessen

When possible, you should avoid these risk factors.

Early Testing

Unfortunately, there is no test that can find sarcoma cells when they first begin to grow. However, you have a better chance of surviving soft tissue sarcoma if it is found and treated early. For this reason, it is important to tell your doctor right away if you notice any lumps or other symptoms on your body. If you feel a lump on your body, it is important to have your doctor check it. This is especially true if the lump is causing pain or is getting larger. Even though most lumps are not sarcomas, you can't assume so. Your doctor may continue to watch the lump or have tests done.

Don't be afraid to question your doctor and ask for more tests to make yourself feel better. It is your health and your body and it is important to know confidently that any concern you have has been completely evaluated to your satisfaction.

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