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Novel Therapies

Program researchers are using tissue microarrays (TMA) and immunodiagnostic modalities to identify gene and protein expression patterns across a range of cancer stem cells. By studying how these patterns differ from those of normal adult stem cells taken from the same tissue, program members aim to develop new strategies that block the self-renewal mechanisms of cancer stem cells without interfering with the function of their healthy counterparts.

Researchers are also using the body’s natural defenses to destroy cancer stem cells with minimal toxicity to healthy tissues. In one approach they are developing monoclonal antibodies that recognize surface proteins found only on cancer stem cells, thereby tagging them for destruction by a patient’s immune system.

Program Researchers

Jonathan Berek

Ellie Guardino

Nelson Teng

Jason Gotlib, MD, MS

Amreen Husain, MD

Jeffrey Norton

Joseph Presti, MD

Sandhya Srinivas

Wing Wong, PhD


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