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Research Overview

Drawing upon the expertise of more than 300 researchers and clinicians from the Schools of Medicine, Engineering and Humanities & Sciences, the Stanford Cancer Institute is at the forefront of today's advances in cancer research and medicine.

Interdisciplinary research by Stanford experts in cancer biology, epidemiology and other fields is yielding critical insights into the origins of cancer, while collaborations between the lab and clinic are working to move the most promising discoveries into improved diagnostic, treatment and prevention strategies.

A Legacy of Success

Felix Bloch

Stanford’s long-standing history of discovery and innovation has paved the way for many of today’s most important cancer treatments.

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Patients seeking care at Stanford may gain early access to these emerging therapies—and the benefits that they may offer—through the center’s clinical trials program.

Key areas of research include:

Cancer Biology

Radiation Biology

Cancer Stem Cells

Cancer Imaging and Early Detection

Translational Oncology

Lymphoma and Leukemia

Immunology and Immunotherapy of Cancer

Population Science

Population Science Working Groups

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