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Genetic Interventions for Improved Tumor Control

A major research goal of the program is to understand the genetic changes induced by hypoxia and other aspects of the tumor microenvironment and how these changes influence tumor growth, metastasis and sensitivity to radiation.

Using both yeast and mammalian models, researchers are particularly interested in the expression of genes that regulate apoptosis (programmed cell death), DNA repair and tumor growth. By understanding these genetic programs in the context of the tumor microenvironment, researchers are working to develop novel inhibitors that enhance the ability of radiation to control local tumors and reduce the risk of metastasis.

Program Researchers

Laura Attardi, PhD

J. Martin Brown, PhD

Nic Denko, MD, PhD

Jim Ford, MD

Amato Giaccia, PhD

G. Gurtner, MD

Phil Hanawalt, PhD

Laura Lazzaroni, PhD

Michael Longaker, MD

Beverly Mitchell, MD

Marianne Powell, PhD


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