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Complementary Drugs

Program researchers are developing new pharmacologic and biologic agents to use in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. By amplifying treatment effectiveness, these agents help improve local tumor control, prevent metastatic spread and minimize toxicity to healthy tissues.

Because solid tumors-which make up more than 90% of all cancers-typically have areas of hypoxia, or very low oxygenation, researchers are particularly interested in understanding and exploiting hypoxic tumor physiology. Much of this effort is focused on:

Program Researchers

Donna Bouley, PhD

J. Martin Brown, PhD

Nic Denko, MD, PhD

Amato Giaccia, PhD

Albert Koong, MD, PhD

Laura Lazzaroni, PhD

Quynh-Thu Le, MD

Michael Longaker, MD

Melanie Smitt, MD

Robert Tibshirani, PhD

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