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Lectures, Presentations and Retreats

Over the years, members have been active in giving seminar presentations at both institutions, and members from the Cancer Prevention Institute of California have participated as guest lecturers in graduate level courses taught in the Department of HRP and mentored Master's and Ph.D. students of epidemiology.

Lectures Presentations and Retreats - Lectures and Presentations


Annual Translational Sciences Lecture

Russ Altman: Pharmacogenomics Lecture

Alice Whittemore: Third JLN Award - 2004 slide presentation and Video

Alice Whittemore: The Robert S. Gordon, Jr. Lecture in Epidemiology: Personalized Cancer Prevention

David Spiegel: Hypnosis and Group Support in Medical Care: Altering Perception and Reality, NIH Lecture Requires RealPlayer

Irving Weissman: Biology and Transplantation of Stem and Progenitor Cells, NIH Lecture Requires RealPlayer

School of Medicine Curriculum Web Project information streaming video content


First Comprehensive Cancer Research Training Program September 16-21, 2007

Second Comprehensive Cancer Research Training Program September 14-18, 2008

Sixth Comprehensive Cancer Research Training Program September 17-21, 2012

Northern California Cancer Center (NCCC) Overview of Research Portfolio slide presentation , January 2007

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Annual Retreat

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