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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Population Research

Using geographic information system (GIS) tools, and building on a large population-based molecular epidemiology case-control study, Drs. Peggy Reynolds and Rudy Rull are conducting studies of environmental pollutants and childhood leukemia. Dr. Reynolds has also been working closely with Dr. Paul Fisher and collaborators throughout the state over the last several years to design a similar case-control study of brain tumors in children.

Dr Marilyn Winkleby is conducting a study on Neighborhood Level Influences on All-cause Mortality. This work will create a rich new database where individuals' SES and health indicators are linked with characteristics of their specific neighborhoods. Based on our empirical findings, researchers will identify neighborhoods currently at high and low risk for mortality. They will then conduct focus groups and map neighborhood environments (e.g., social, physical, and service features) to create a geographic information system (GIS).

Key areas of research include:

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