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Cancer Related Registries and Specimen Resources

The Population Sciences area, including the Cancer Epidemiology Program and the Cancer Prevention and Control Program, combines expertise and research from Stanford University, Palo Alto Veterns Association, Kaiser Permenante, and the Cancer Prevention Institute of California. The collaborative efforts of these institutions have resulted in a number of large databases and specimen repositories critical to the population-based investigations of all program members. These resources include:

National Program of Cancer Registries

International Association of Cancer Registries

SEER Cancer Registries

Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry

Cancer Family Registries: Breast, Colorectal, Ovarian, and Prostate

Resources are also available through several regional registries and tissue repositories.

Aids Cancer Specimen Resource

California Association of Regional Registries Map

Central Brain Tumor US Registry

Cooperative Breast Cancer Tissue Resource Database

Cooperative Prostate Cancer Tissue Resource Database

Research Program on Genes, Environment and Health - Kaiser Division of Research


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