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Translational Oncology Program @ Stanford (TOPS)

This newly reorganized program brings together outstanding physicians with internationally regarded scientists on the basis of a shared interest in the development of novel therapies and diagnostic modalities that utilize cutting-edge science and technologies. TOPS is divided into three scientific themes, with members of the program interacting across a wide range of disciplines and interests: 1) Target Discovery and Validation -- focuses on the identification of molecular targets using genomic, array-based and high throughput screening approaches, their application in proof-of-concept, IND-enabling preclinical in vitro and in vivo models for rigorous testing of newly identified targets using novel reagents developed through innovative discovery research in Stanford laboratories. This includes the development and chemical synthesis of novel agents, as well as the application of synthetic chemistry and nanotechnology to alter the transport properties of existing agents, and indeed the re-purposing of existing agents; 2) Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutic Biomarkers -- identifies and uses novel technologies as potential predictors of therapeutic response, forming the basis for companion diagnostics, thsu paving a critical path for clinical development of molecularly targeted therapeutics; and 3) the Early Clinical Studies working group encompasses investigators who are performing early clinical studies and investigator-initiated trials, as well as investigators whose research interests are in creating and implementing analytic and statistical approaches to enhance the clinical development of drugs, their targets, and the analysis of early clinical investigations. All of the TOPS members, and all three of the themes are dedicated to the proposition that clinical impact [for each project] is required to improve patient outcomes in cancer research.

Translational Oncology Program Membership Roster

Program Directors

Mark Pegram, MD

George Sledge, MD


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