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Lymphoma and Leukemia Research Program

Since lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system, a major scientific goal is to use knowledge gained from immunology to understand and treat lymphoid malignancies. This approach led to our pioneering work in the development of monoclonal antibodies, and we are currently developing a new and practical method of therapeutic vaccination. One of our primary foci is the discovery of genetic, genomic and proteomic prognositic factors in lymphoma. Stanford lymphoma investigators function as an organized investigative team, allowing for bi-directional translational research based on clinical and laboratory insights and investigations. As a result we have accumulated important assets for basic and clinical investigation including a large and diverse patient population, with over 6,000 adult and pediatric visits, including over 600 new patients per year. We have established a tissue bank of lymphoma specimens and an extremely valuable clinical database with diagnostic, treatment and outcomes linked to pathology, correlative laboratory studies and lymphoma tissues which is a satellite of the SCI tumor bank. We have now established the Stanford Lymphoma Biomarker Consortium that includes an active collaboration with our community oncologists. Our scientific achievements include discoveries in mechanisms of lymphomagenesis, lymphoma cell signaling, the immune response to antigen, new diagnostics for lymphoma and clinical trials of risk-adapted and novel therapeutics based on these studies. Our objective is to apply this new knowledge to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with lymphoma and Hodgkin disease in institutional and national clinical trials with eventual application to the larger community, based on our prior success with therapies such as monocolonal antibodies (rituximab), therapeutic vaccines, and the Stanford V chemo-radiotherapy regimen for Hodgkin disease.

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Program Directors

Ron Levy, MD

Youn Kim, MD

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