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Flow Cytometry for Lymphocyte Enumeration and Phenotypic Analysis

Many if not most of the experimental strategies being used by the investigators in this Program are dependent on flow cytometry. Dr. Leonard Herzenberg, who developed the first fluorescence activated cell sorters, continues to lead a broad effort to improve the capabilities of FACS instrumentation.

Within the past few years his group has developed an instrument capable of measuring up to thirteen fluorescent reagents and experiments using ten to twelve colors are being performed routinely. The move to higher order multicolor analysis has enabled new biological results based on the availability of increased dye choices. However, in multicolor experiments the data quality and individual measurement channels have often been not as good as can be obtained with comparable single color stains on these channels.

The Herzenberg lab has identified the fundamental problem as lack of sufficient light to accurately evaluate and correct spectral overlaps. To address this limitation the lab is developing an instrument yielding at least 20 times the signal levels obtained with the current system.


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