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Multimodal Imaging Strategies

Program work with molecular probes is leading to the next revolution in radiology: personalized cancer treatment.
Program researchers are exploiting the molecular signatures of different cancers to develop probes that can target specific intracellular and cell-surface molecules and report back on their activity. To collect a variety of data for visualization, researchers are developing multimodal strategies that combine optical, magnetic and radioactive reporter processes.

In addition to expanding our current understanding of cancer biology, these targeted probes may someday allow doctors to discover the disease in patients much earlier using only a few suspect cells rather than the billions needed by current methods, and to predict how patients will respond to different therapies. The probes are also being studied as potential vehicles for delivering therapeutic medications to malignant cells.

Visit the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS) website for more information about multimodality imaging strategies (

Scientific Goals

Program Researchers

Francis Blankenberg, MD

Matthew Bogyo, PhD

Shawn Chen, PhD

Christopher Contag, PhD

Hongjie Dai, PhD

Sanjiv Gambhir, MD, PhD

Michael Goris, MD, PhD

Michael E. Moseley, PhD

Andrew Quon, MD

Jianghong Rao, PhD

Shan Wang, PhD

Paul Wender, PhD


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