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Management of Cancer Imaging Knowledge

Cancer imaging research involves increasingly large datasets requiring substantial informatics and biostatistics support. To ensure precise data retrieval and analysis, program researchers are developing new data representation protocols to accommodate the unique requirements of specific knowledge bases such as those evolving from our cancer profiling, target identification and probe development efforts.

The program trains future scientific leaders in the use of these protocols to support the effective application of today's emerging imaging capabilities in the research and clinical setting. This work is carried out in collaboration with researchers from Molecular Profiling, Cancer Epidemiology, and Lymphoma & Hodgkin's Disease.

Scientific Goals

Program Researchers

Bruce Daniel, MD

Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD

Gary Glover, PhD

Robert Herfkens, MD

Debra Ikeda, MD

Tze Leung Lai, PhD

Sandy Napel, PhD

John Pauly, PhD

Norbert Pelc, ScD

Sylvia Plevritis, PhD, MD

Geoffrey Rubin, MD

F. Graham Sommer, MD

Daniel Spielman, PhD


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