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Cancer Imaging Research Program

The goal of the Cancer Imaging and Early Detection Program is to advance cancer research, diagnosis, and management by carrying out research using innovative multimodality anatomical and molecular imaging (MI) strategies. This goal is achieved through the development and application of multimodality imaging strategies to reveal the molecular basis of disease, to develop multiparametric diagnostic tools and to advance effective treatment for cancer. The significant expansion of the program in last few years is the foundation for continued growth, in part, through the addition of a new center for early cancer detection, which brings together scientists focused on both in vitro and in vivo diagnostics.

The major goals of the Cancer Imaging and Early Detection Program are to develop and apply technologies for changing how we detect and manage cancer in addition to providing enabling tools for the study of cancer biology in vivo. The research interests of our members will remain diverse, but nevertheless interactive around the main themes of our Program.

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Cancer Imaging Program Membership Roster

Program Directors

Sanjiv Gambhir, MD, PhD

Christopher Contag, PhD


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