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2010 Developmental Cancer
Research Award (DCRA) recipients named

2009 Award Recipients

Seventeen individuals received development grants for their translational (more) and population science research (more).

The Stanford Cancer Center is pleased to announce the names of the 2010 Developmental Cancer Research Award (DCRA) recipients in Interactive Projects, Translational Research and Population Sciences Research.

Through this Seed Grant Program, the Stanford Cancer Center seeks to stimulate the development of high-quality, multidisciplinary translational cancer research with direct application to cancer diagnosis, treatment or care. To learn more about the Stanford Cancer Center's Seed Grant Program, see our white paper at:

2010 Developmental Awards in Interactive Projects
1 award selected from 8 submissions, $100,000 total awards funded
Note: 2 Interactive Project proposals were funded as Translational Research Awards

Amato Giaccia, PhD   
Professor, Radiation Oncology
Molecular Targeted Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer
Co-PIs: Nicholas Denko, MD, PhD; Edgar Engleman, MD; George Fisher, MD, PhD

2010 Developmental Awards in Population Sciences Research
2 awards selected from 5 submissions, $100,000 total awards funded

Shelli Kesler, PhD   
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
The Effect of Pro-inflammatory and Immunoregulatory Cytokine Levels on Brain Function in Long-term Breast Cancer Survivors
Co-PI: Firdaus Dhabhar, PhD

Jean Tang, MD, PhD   
Assistant Professor, Dermatology
Vitamin D Plus Calcium for Prevention of Skin Cancer in Women
Co-PIs: Marcia Stefanick, PhD; David Feldman, MD

2010 Developmental Awards in Translational Research
8 awards selected from 23 submissions, $400,000 total awards funded

Mark Gonzalgo, MD, PhD   
Associate Professor, Urology
Novel Anti-cancer Peptoids as Potential Therapeutic Drugs for Bladder Cancer
Co-PIs: Annelise Barron, PhD; Michael Hsieh, PhD; Eddy Leman, PhD

Lauren Harshman, MD   
Acting Assistant Professor, Medicine-Oncology
The Impact of VEGF Inhibitors on Hepatic Glucose Metabolism and Glycemic Control as a Biomarker of Efficacy in Renal Cell Carcinoma
Co-PIs: Calvin Kuo, MD, PhD; Lisa McGinnis, Thomas E. Hutson, DO, PharmD; Sandy Srininvas, MD; Genevera Allen

Julien Sage, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Activation of Notch Signaling to Suppress Hepatocellular Carcinoma Development

Sandy Srinivas, MD   
Associate Professor, Medicine-Oncology
A Phase II Trial of Itraconazole in Patients With Castrate-resistant Prostate Cancer
Co-PIs: Phil Beachy, PhD; John Kim, MD; James Brooks, MD

John Sunwoo, MD   
Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology
Gene Expression Analysis of Head and Neck Cancer Stem Cells at the Single-cell Level
Co-PI: Dimitrios Colevas, MD

Melinda Telli, MD   
Acting Assistant Professor, Medicine-Oncology
Identifying Novel Molecular Determinants of Response to PARP Inhibition in Early-stageTriple-negative Breast Cancer
Co-PIs: James M.Ford, MD; Hanlee Ji, MD; Kristin Jensen, MD

Juergen Willman, MD   
Assistant Professor, Radiology
Breast Cancer Early Detection With Ultrasound and a Novel Clinically Translatable Contrast Agent
Co-PIs: Albert Koong, MD, PhD; Kirsten Jensen, MD; Patrick Brown, MD, PhD

For questions regarding the Developmental Cancer Research Awards, contact
the Stanford Cancer Center at (650) 724-9547.

Posted 07/15/10

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