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Environment and Health Policy

Program researchers are working to determine the environmental factors that promote or prevent cancer and influence cancer outcomes. Factors under study include the impact of neighborhood and socioeconomic pressures on specific lifestyles, behaviors and health outcomes.

Building on their findings, researchers monitor local, State, and Federal health policy changes and the impact of these changes on cancer prevention and care. A key aim of this work is to help shape and implement public health policies that promote the dissemination and adoption of effective preventive measures at the community level.

Disparities and Neighborhood and Environmental Research

Combining epidemiological and analytic expertise, program researchers are working to understand the role of neighborhood conditions on health outcomes. A particular focus of this work is to decipher the links between social, cultural and economic pressures and the health of socioeconomically disadvantaged, ethnic minority and other medically underserved populations.

Specific research areas include:

Program Researchers

Abby King, PhD

Helena Kraemer, PhD

Marilyn Winkleby, PhD


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