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Cancer Biology Research Program

The Program in Cancer Biology continues its focus on investigating the molecules, mechanisms and pathways involved in cancer pathogenesis. The major goals are to advance our understanding of cancer pathogenesis and to translate discoveries into improvements in the clinical treatment of patients with cancer. This interactive group of investigators with inter-departmental and inter-school representation is organized into three major thematic groups:

New translational and clinical research studies have resulted from the interactions of the members of this program.

A broad range of experimental approaches and model systems is employed by program investigators who share a variety of overlapping technical and intellectual interests and needs. Interactions within and among the theme groups are facilitated by participation in various funding mechanisms, journal clubs, joint laboratory meetings, and seminar series as well as regular Program meetings. Program investigators are also linked together through shared responsibilities for the education and training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, most prominently those in the Cancer Biology Interdisciplinary Program.

Cancer Biology Program Membership Roster

Program Directors

Michael Cleary, MD

Calvin Kuo, MD, PhD

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