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Membership Criteria

I. Overview

Stanford received a Cancer Center Support Grant from the NCI in June 2007. The major purpose of a cancer center is to promote discovery relevant to the pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of cancer, and to translate those discoveries into benefit to patients and to the community.  The NCI awards Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSGs) to institutions that have a critical mass of cancer-relevant scientific, population-based, and clinical research. To that end, the leadership of the Cancer Institute would like to identify all of those individuals within the broad Stanford community whose research and/or patient care activities are relevant to cancer and encourage them to apply for membership.

II. Membership: Expectations and Benefits



  • Members conduct and promote cancer research, particularly collaborative and/or inter, multi, or transdisciplinary cancer research.
  • Members also support clinical care and/or education/training or outreach in a cancer-related discipline.


  • Participation in program meetings, Cancer Institute-sponsored seminars and symposia, and retreats.
  • Submission of annual and special requests for research progress, other support, publications and biosketch.
  • Listing of Cancer Institute affiliation on curriculum vitae and biosketch.
  • Acknowledgement of membership and Institute support (for pilot projects and from core facilities) on publications, abstracts, posters, and presentations.


  • Members will receive subsidized services and/or priority service at Institute-sponsored core facilities.
  • Members will also receive a Cancer Institute Newsletter and notification of all Cancer Institute activities.
  • Members may apply for pilot and developmental funding for collaborative research.

III. Cancer Institute Programs

The Cancer Institute formal programs are:

IV. Cancer Institute Shared Facilities

The Cancer Institute Shared Resource facilities are:

V. Criteria for membership

The following criteria will be used to evaluate membership applications:

VI. Types of Membership

Member: Stanford and CPIC faculty who have a demonstrated record of basic research, clinical research, or research in any of the population sciences (epidemiology, cancer prevention, nutrition, health behavior, dissemination etc.) with peer-reviewed funding. Peer-reviewed funding is not required of clinical faculty actively participating in clinical research activities.

Associate Member: Faculty and staff, including clinicians and health care professionals, who have an interest and involvement in cancer-related disciplines, but do not have specific research projects or do not have peer-reviewed funding. Publications are encouraged, but not required.

Emeritus Member: Retiring members and/or distinguished senior faculty and researchers from Stanford University, CPIC, or other organizations in the Bay Area.


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NIH biosketch sample (July 2013)

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