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Atul Butte

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  • Tissue- and age-specific changes in gene expression during disease induction and progression in NOD mice CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY Kodama, K., Butte, A. J., Creusot, R. J., Su, L., Sheng, D., Hartnett, M., Iwai, H., Soares, L. R., Fathman, C. G. 2008; 129 (2): 195-201


    Whole genome oligo-microarrays were used to characterize age-dependent and tissue-specific changes in gene expression in pancreatic lymph nodes, spleen, and peripheral blood cells, obtained from up to 8 individual NOD mice at 6 different time points (1.5 to 20 weeks of age), compared to NOD.B10 tissue controls. "Milestone Genes" are genes whose expression was significantly changed (approximately 3 fold) as the result of splicing or changes in transcript level. Milestone Genes were identified among genes within type one diabetes (T1D) susceptibility regions (Idd). Milestone Genes showing uniform patterns of changes in expression at various time points were identified, but the patterns of distribution and kinetics of expression were unique to each tissue. Potential T1D candidate genes were identified among Milestone Genes within Idd regions and/or hierarchical clusters. These studies identified tissue- and age-specific changes in gene expression that may play an important role in the inductive or destructive events of T1D.

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