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Atul Butte

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  • Methodologies for extracting functional pharmacogenomic experiments from international repository. AMIA ... Annual Symposium proceedings / AMIA Symposium. AMIA Symposium Lin, Y., Chiang, A., Lin, R., Yao, P., Chen, R., Butte, A. J. 2007: 463-467


    Pharmacogenomic studies are studies designed to elucidate the relationships between drugs and genes on the genomic scale. Given the rapidly increasing amount of microarray data in international repositories, and the implicit drug information contained in PubMed, MeSH and UMLS, we propose automatic methods for identifying drug-related microarray experiments from NCBI GEO by the semantic connections between these data resources. In our study, we find that 51.5% of microarray experiments are associated with at least one PubMed identifier, 22.1% of these contain a MeSH term that relates to the UMLS Pharmacologic Substances semantic sub-tree. Our work shows an abundance of publicly available gene expression data available to enable the discovery of novel drug indications, drug classifications and other pharmacogenomic studies.

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