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Yueh-hsiu Chien

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  • Thymic selection determines gamma delta T cell effector fate: Antigen-naive cells make interleukin-17 and antigen-experienced cells make interferon gamma IMMUNITY Jensen, K. D., Su, X., Shin, S., Li, L., Youssef, S., Yarnasaki, S., Steinman, L., Saito, T., Locksley, R. M., Davis, M. M., Baumgarth, N., Chien, Y. 2008; 29 (1): 90-100


    gammadelta T cells uniquely contribute to host immune defense, but how this is accomplished remains unclear. Here, we analyzed the nonclassical major histocompatibility complex class I T10 and T22-specific gammadelta T cells in mice and found that encountering antigen in the thymus was neither required nor inhibitory for their development. But when triggered through the T cell receptor, ligand-naive lymphoid-gammadelta T cells produced IL-17, whereas ligand-experienced cells made IFN-gamma. Immediately after immunization, a large fraction of IL-17(+) gammadelta T cells were found in the draining lymph nodes days before the appearance of antigen-specific IL-17(+) *beta T cells. Thus, thymic selection determines the effector fate of gammadelta T cells rather than constrains their antigen specificities. The swift IL-17 response mounted by antigen-naive gammadelta T cells suggests a critical role for these cells at the onset of an acute inflammatory response to novel antigens.

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