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Yueh-hsiu Chien

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  • gamma delta T cells - innate immune lymphocytes? CURRENT OPINION IN IMMUNOLOGY Konigshofer, Y., Chien, Y. 2006; 18 (5): 527-533


    It is unclear what the antigen recognition determinants of gammadelta T-cell receptors (TCRs) are. Compared with immunoglobulin and alphabeta TCRs, gammadelta TCRs have the highest potential CDR3 diversity generated by VDJ recombination. However, gammadelta T-cell reactivities seem to segregate with V gene usage, which has been taken to suggest that rearrangement has little role in generating different antigen specificities. During the past year, the CDR3 regions were found to determine the antigen specificities of T10- and T22-reactive gammadelta TCRs, a surface protein complex was identified as a ligand for human phosphoantigen-reactive gammadelta T cells, and the first co-crystal structure of a gammadelta TCR bound to its ligand was reported. These advances warrant a fresh look at gammadelta T-cell antigen recognition.

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