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Willard ("Bill") E. Fee, Jr.

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  • Metastasis in head and neck cancer, 1979. Annals of plastic surgery Cochran, J. H., Fee, W. E. 1980; 4 (5): 405-409


    Metastatic spread of head and neck cancer signifies a grave change in prognosis for the patient. The presence or absence of detectable metastasis is valuable knowledge both in planning treatment and in predicting prognosis. Knowledge of the metastatic behavior patterns of such tumors, and of the diagnostic means of detecting metastasis, is essential. The available knowledge on this problem is comprehensively reviewed to present, in a single source, the requisite knowledge for any physician treating head and neck cancer. Metastatic spread is reviewed according to incidence, detection methods, anatomical sites, and correlation with characteristics of the primary tumor. Finally, methods of detecting metastasis are reviewed and a practical approach to patient evaluation recommended.

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