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Yueh-hsiu Chien

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  • The natural and the inducible: interleukin (IL)-17-producing ?d T cells. Trends in immunology Chien, Y., Zeng, X., Prinz, I. 2013; 34 (4): 151-154


    ?? T cells are the major initial interleukin (IL)-17 producers in acute infections. Recent studies have indicated that some ?? T cells have IL-17-producing capabilities without explicit induction of an immune response. They are preferentially localized in barrier tissues and are likely to originate from fetal ?? thymocytes. In addition, ?? T cells present in the secondary lymphoid organs will mature and differentiate to produce IL-17 after antigen encounter in an immune response. Based on these studies, we propose that there are two different sets of IL-17-producing ?? T cells (T??17) referred to as the 'natural' and the 'inducible' T??17 cells. This review focuses on recent publications leading to the delineation of these two types of cells and their implied roles in host immune defense.

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