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Irving Weissman

Honors and Awards

  • National Academy of Sciences Council, National Academy of Sciences (2011)
  • Honorary Investigator, State Key Laboratory of Experimental Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, China (2010)
  • Honorary Professor, Peking Union Medical College, China (2010)
  • Simon M. Shubitz Award for Excellence in the Field of Cancer Research, University of Chicago (2010)
  • The Cockrell Foundation Award in Clinical or Translational Research, The Methodist Hospital Research Institute (2009)
  • Honorary Director, Center for Biotech/BioMedicine and Shenzhen Key Lab of Gene & Antibody Therapy, Graduate School of Shenzhen, Tsinghau University, China (2009)
  • Passano Award, The Passano Foundation (2009)
  • Rosentiel Award, Brandeis University (2009)
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (2008)
  • Robert Koch Award, Koch Foundation (2008)
  • Honoree of the Arthritis Foundation of Northern California Chapter's 2007 Tribute Dinner, Arthritis Foundation (2007)
  • I & H Wachter Award, I & H Wachter Foundation (2007)
  • Honorary Doctorate, Mount Sinai School of Medicine (2007)
  • John Scott Award, City of Philadelphia (2006)
  • American-Italian Cancer Foundation Prize for Scientific Excellence in Medicine, American-Italian Cancer Foundation (2006)
  • Honorary Doctorate, Columbia University (2006)
  • The Commonwealth Club of California 18th Annual Distinguished Citizen Award, Commonwealth Club of California (2006)
  • Jeffrey Modell "Dare to Dream" Award, Jeffrey Modell Foundation (2005)
  • The Linus Pauling Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Science, Stanford University (2005)
  • Rabbi Shai Shacknai Memorial Prize in Immunology and Cancer Research, The Lautenberg Center for General and Tumor Immunology (2004)
  • Medal for Distinguished Contributions to Biomedical Research, New York Academy of Medicine (2004)
  • Alan Cranston Awardee, Alliance for Aging Research (2004)
  • Jessie Stevenson Kovalenko Medal, National Academy of Sciences Council (2004)
  • Bass Award, Society of Neurological Surgeons (2003)
  • Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Biology, Pasarow Foundation (1989)
  • Election to the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences (1989)

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