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Cheryl Koopman

Community and International Work Details

  • Project Title:  Expanding Rural Access: Distance Delivery of Support
  • Topic/emphasis:  Evaluating the efficacy of a support group intervention delivered via videoconferencing
  • Partnering Organization(s):  The Sierra Fund
  • Populations Served:  Women living with breast cancer in rural communities of N. California
  • Location:  International
  • Specific Location:  rural communities in California
  • This an ongoing project:  No
  • There are opportunities for student involvement in work:  No
  • Description:  Objectives/Aims: We are completing a three-year implementation and evaluation study that will: 1) demonstrate the acceptability and satisfaction associated with providing professionally led support groups using videoconferencing for delivery and “One in Eight” for content to psychosocial support for women living with breast cancer in rural communities in California; and 2) evaluate the efficacy of providing support groups via videoconferencing for meeting the psychosocial needs of women with breast cancer.

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