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Michael Harrison Hsieh

Community and International Work Details

  • Project Title:  Models of urinary schistosomiasis
  • Topic/emphasis:  Schistosoma haematobium
  • Partnering Organization(s):  International Health at Stanford, Global Health at Stanford
  • Populations Served:  Portions of the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa
  • Location:  Bay Area
  • Specific Location:  Stanford campus
  • This an ongoing project:  Yes
  • There are opportunities for student involvement in work:  Yes
  • Description:  Urinary schistosomiasis affects over 100 million people, and yet the majority of schistosomiasis research is focused on the intestinal forms of disease. My research interests in urinary schistosomiasis are centered on how the human immune response to Schistosoma haematobium eggs in the bladder contributes to bladder fibrosis and cancer, the two most devastating sequelae of chronic infection.

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