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Dean W. Felsher

Academic Appointments

  • Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and of Pathology

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    Tel (650) 498-6000
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    Leslie Quiroz Tel Work 650-725-6454


Academic Appointments

Honors and Awards

  • Honors, University of Chicago (1985)
  • Emil Bogen Award, University of California, Los Angeles (1992)
  • Physician Post-Doctoral Award, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (1997-1999)
  • Esther Ehrman Faculty Scholar Award, Stanford University (2000-2003)
  • Charles Carrington Prize, Stanford University (2002)
  • Clinical Investigator Award, Damon Runyon Foundation (2003-2008)
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Professional Education

MD PhD: UCLA, Medicine/Molecular Biology (1992)
BS: University of Chicago, Chemistry (1985)

Research & Scholarship

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

My laboratory investigates how oncogenes initiate and sustain tumorigenesis. I have developed model systems whereby I can conditionally activate oncogenes in normal human and mouse cells in tissue culture or in specific tissues of transgenic mice. In particular using the tetracycline regulatory system, I have generated a conditional model system for MYC-induced tumors. I have shown that cancers caused by the conditional over-expression of the MYC proto-oncogene regress with its inactivation. Thus, even though cancer is a multi-step process, the inactivation of one oncogene can be sufficient to induce tumor regression. Now, I am using these model systems to address three questions:

1. How do oncogenes initiate tumorigenesis?
2. How does oncogene inactivation cause tumor regression?
3. How do tumors escape dependence on oncogenes?






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