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Diagnostic Radiology Services

Diagnostic radiology has greatly advanced in recent years with the development of new instruments and techniques that can better detect cancer and also help patients avoid surgery.

The diagnostic radiology staff and physicians at the Stanford Cancer Center are leaders in their field and have access to the most advanced technology available today for imaging of cancer.

In fact, the expertise of our physicians is so well recognized that we proudly serve as a reference center, meaning that outside physicians can send our staff complex or borderline images and receive expert interpretation for their patients.

In addition to advanced instruments and experienced staff, the Cancer Center was designed to improve the delivery of diagnostic radiology. For example, we have consolidated imaging workstations for mammograms, ultrasounds, and magnetic resonance images in one room, allowing physicians to directly compare images from multiple sources.

This unprecedented cross-platform, simultaneous access ensures that all of the relevant data is at your doctor's fingertips when s/he is making important decisions about your care.

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