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Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Whereas the Food Guide Pyramid and the 5 A Day Program recommendations focus on the servings of food you should eat every day, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans give suggestions for your overall diet and activity level.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans include the following:

Aim…Build…Choose…for Good Health

By allowing the Food Guide Pyramid, the 5 A Day Program, and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to be your guides for meal planning should put you on the right track toward a healthy, cancer-preventing diet.

Balanced meals and diet:

The best way to prevent cancer with your diet is to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber grains every day. Also, substitute cold-water fish in place of red meat or chicken a few times a week at the dinner table. By eating moderate portions of meats and cheeses and small amounts of fat and sweets, you can save room for larger portions of fruits and vegetables. This strategy is good for your heart and may reduce your chances of developing certain cancers.

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