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Nutritional Management of Nausea / Vomiting

If you have nausea and vomiting, choose foods that are easy to chew, swallow, and digest, such as the following:

Try to avoid the following:

Also consider the following to reduce side effects:

If you vomit, do not eat or drink anything more until the vomiting is under control. Then try small amounts of clear liquids. Try taking the liquids using the following guidelines:

Be sure to tell your physician, nurse, or registered dietitian if you have nausea or vomiting because there are a number of different things they may recommend for you.

It is important during cancer treatment to get enough calories, protein, and nutrients, and it may be especially hard if you have nausea and vomiting. If you find you cannot get enough calories in a day, your physician may recommend commercially prepared liquid nutritional products such as Boost®, Ensure®, ReSource®, or NuBasics® for a short time until you feel better.

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