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Skin Cancer Expertise

Together with the Department of Dermatology, the Head and Neck Oncology program offers treatment of aggressive and advanced skin cancers. In addition to appropriate surgical resection, aggressive cancers such as melanoma and Merkel cell carcinoma of the head and neck may require attention to the lymph nodes. If these tumors extend beyond the upper layers of the skin, a sentinel lymph node biopsy may be recommended to determine if there has been any further spread of the cancer. Working in close collaboration with the Multispecialty Melanoma Tumor Board, these cancers are carefully discussed with experts representing surgery, medical oncology, and radiation oncology.

Treatment by the head and neck oncology team can also include very large basal cell carcinomas or squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck, or tumors that spread to the regional lymph nodes. In these instances, a multispecialty approach is needed to carefully consider whether or not radiation therapy or chemotherapy will be necessary to appropriately treat these cancers. Patients are presented at our Head and Neck Tumor Board for discussion by experts in the field.

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