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Treatment Options for Oral Cancer

A surgeon performs a surgery fro oral cancer Surgery is one of the treatment options for Oral Cancer.

Doctors can treat oral cancer. Your treatment depends on each of these factors:

Oral cancer is often curable. Treatment can also help control oral cancer, meaning it may help control symptoms or reduce its spread.

Once you know the type and stage of oral cancer you have, it's time to decide on a treatment plan. This section will help you understand your treatment options and what's best for you. Talking about your treatment choices will be one of the most important meetings that you'll have with your doctor.

It may take some time to choose the best plan. Talk with your doctor about how much time you can take to explore your options before you must make a decision. You may want to get another opinion before deciding on treatments. You may want to talk with your family and friends.

Understanding the Goals of Treatment for Oral Cancer

Each treatment for oral cancer has these goals:

Types of Treatment for Oral Cancer

There are several ways to treat oral cancer. These are listed in order of which is done most often:

Your doctor may suggest that you get more than one type of treatment. Getting two or more treatment types is called combination treatment or combination modality treatment. Sometimes new treatments are available in a clinical trial. Ask your doctor about them. Some people use complementary therapies. That means they get standard cancer treatment, such as surgery, along with other supportive ones, such as yoga. You may want to talk about this option with your doctor.

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