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Diagnosis and Treatment of Lip Cancer

Lip cancer is the most frequently diagnosed oral cancer. Exposure to sunlight is a major risk factor for lip cancer; therefore the incidence of lip cancer is higher in sunny regions. Like skin cancer, lip cancer can be treated with great success if it is diagnosed early. Unfortunately, some people mistakenly assume that lip cancer is just a cold sore and delay seeing a doctor. In fact, dentists are often the first health care practitioners to note that a sore is suspicious and recommend diagnostic tests.

Depending on the stage and type of lip cancer, your treatment may include surgery, radiation, and in rare instances experimental chemotherapy. The head and neck cancer specialists at the Stanford Cancer Center will provide you with the multidisciplinary, quality, compassionate care that you deserve. In addition, if the cancer is advanced, plastic surgeons and speech therapists are integrated into treatment to ensure maximum success in preserving your appearance and speaking ability.

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