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Stanford's Expertise with Head and Neck Cancers

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Doctors at the Head and Neck Cancer Program have extensive experience treating patients with rare cancers involving the:

Treatment of head and neck cancer often impacts very personal aspects of patients’ lives including speech, swallowing, and appearance. A priority of Stanford’s Head and Neck Cancer program is to maximize the quality of life of our patients, and we have devoted many resources both to minimize the impact of cancer and to help cope with side effects of intervention. The multidisciplinary expertise of the Stanford Voice Center, the Stanford Center for Human Communication, the Stanford Sinus Center as well as very close working relationships with neurosurgeons, opthmalmologists, dentists, and facial plastic surgeons are integrated into treatment to ensure maximum success in preserving the swallowing, speaking, breathing, and appearance.

Minimally invasive surgery and reconstructive surgery options are carefully integrated into overall treatment recommendations. Nutritional counseling is available to ensure patients remain healthy if eating becomes temporarily difficult. We work closely with cancer survivorship and the head and neck cancer support program meets onsite frequently.

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