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Free Skin Cancer Screening a Huge Success

The free skin cancer screening held at the Stanford Cancer Center on May 13th was a huge success. 

According to screening director Dr. Susan Swetter, associate professor of dermatology and director of the Pigmented Lesion & Cutaneous Melanoma Clinic, 306 individuals were screened, with over 30 presumptive basal cell and 10 squamous cell carcinomas detected. Many of these individuals have followed up with Stanford dermatologists for further care.

The following volunteer physicians, nurses, medical students, and Cancer Center employees should be acknowledged for their assistance during the 4-hour event: 

Amy Adams, MD, PhD; Joanna Badger, MD; Anne Chang, MD; Tatiana Grzeszkiewicz, MD, PhD; Christine Jacobsen, MD; Juliette Lee, MD; Susan Purcell,MD; Zakia Rahman, MD; Shannon Sheu, MD; Rebecca Shpall, MD; Susan Swetter, MD; Melissa Cooper, RN; Judy Elkayam, RN; Susie Engard, RN; Sypess Espinosa, RN; Fe Goldberg, RN; Michelle Howell, RN; Elizabeth LaBuz; Christle Layton; Josh Spanogle;  Daisy Cho and Claudia Newbold.




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