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Cancer Genetics - A Team Approach

Cancer Genetics – A Team Approach

The Stanford Cancer Center, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital  and the Stanford School of Medicine bring together a comprehensive, highly specialized team of board-certified physicians and certified genetic counselors dedicated to providing state-of-the-art cancer genetics information and tests to you.   In addition to the clinical services offered, these specialists are constantly working on new discoveries and technologies in the laboratory to help better understand, treat, diagnose and screen persons at increased risk for hereditary cancers.

Part of the process of the Cancer Genetics program is to help you understand your condition and the screening and preventive options available to you. Our treatment recommendations are based on medical evidence (evidence-based medicine), up-to-date knowledge of hereditary cancers, new discoveries in the laboratory and innovative clinical approaches. 

Our Cancer Genetics Team

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Clinical Cancer Genetic Clinic
Phone:  (650) 498-6000
Fax:      (650) 498-5150

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