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January 2010 Cancer Center Bulletin

Director's Message

Dear Cancer Center members,

Greetings and welcome to the premier online issue of the Stanford Cancer Center Bulletin.

I wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year. We have accomplished much in our relatively short existence, thanks in large part to the effort everyone has put into helping make the Cancer Center a reality. We underwent our second core grant submission and site visit with a good deal of success and are awaiting the final outcome. It is clear that our reviewers expect more of us because we are Stanford, and it is our job to live up to that challenge. In particular, collaborations among our various disciplines, including especially the clinical and population sciences, are critical to our future success, and the Cancer Center serves as a focal point to help catalyze these interactions. 

As we enter the New Year, please let us know if there are key resources or other types of support that we can provide to help move our collaborative projects in cancer research and care forward.

Together with the monthly announcement of cancer-relevant seminars and grant opportunities, I would like to send an update to all Cancer Center members on topics of general interest. I would love to include announcements of new grants or important research findings in addition, and will be happy to receive any such information from you.

Best wishes,

Beverly Mitchell Signature
Beverly S. Mitchell, MD
Director, Stanford Cancer Center

Reminder: Cancer Center all members retreat:  April 7 at Quadrus. Please save the date.






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