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April 2012 Cancer Institute Bulletin


New Shared Resources Update: We are pleased to announce that the Cancer Institute Bulletin now includes a regular feature on new capabilities and services available through the Institute’s core resource facilities.  Please see “SHARED RESOURCE UPDATES.".

Member Retreat: All members are invited to the Institute’s annual retreat to be held Monday April 16th from 8:00AM to 5:00PM at the Quadrus Center on Sand Hill Road. 

The keynote address will be by Dr. Steven Gruber, MD, PhD, MPH, and Director of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Dr. Gruber is a medical oncologist, cancer geneticist and epidemiologist whose research focuses on genetic and environmental contributions to cancer.  His talk is titled, “The Future of Genomics in Cancer Care: Challenges and Opportunities.”

Our interactive day will include three panel discussions:
1) the role of bioinformatics in cancer research, led by Dr. Sylvia Plevritis
2) genomics and personalized medicine, led by Dr. Jim Ford
3) drug development, led by Dr. Amato Giaccia. 

We will also have short talks by two new members, Dr. Mark Pegram, who is leading our breast oncology program and Dr. Kathy Sakamoto, leader of our pediatric hematology/oncology program.

We will close the day with a poster session and some libations.  Please contact Denise Baughman ( by Thursday April 5th to reserve space for your poster, or with any questions related to the retreat.

Other SCI News: We would very much like to include your accomplishments in future editions of the Bulletin.  Please let Michael Claeys ( know of any new grants, awards and major publications.

Members and appropriately affiliated staff can join the SCI Bulletin distribution list via this link:


Tseng Memorial Lecture
  Wednesday, April 4th – 4:00 to 5:00 PM             
Where:  LKSC, Berg Hall
Who:   Mary-Claire King, PhD
Professor of Genome Sciences and of Medicine
            University of Washington School of Medicine


2012 SCI Member’s Retreat
Monday, April 16th – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where:  Quadrus Conference Center, 2400 Sand Hill Road

Developmental Cancer Research Awards (DCRA) Coffee Talk
When:   Thursday, April 26th – 8:30 to 9:30 AM
Where:  Lorry Lokey Stem Cell Building
              1st floor Conference Room ­– G1161
What:    Are you interested in learning more about the Institute’s Developmental Cancer Research Awards (DCRAs)? DCRA Managers will provide an overview of the
              DCRA process, followed by a question and answer session.
More:    Please RSVP by Friday, April 20th to Tonya McPherrin:

Canary Center Open House
When:   Monday, April 30th – 5:00 to 7:00 PM
Where: 1501 S. California Ave, Palo Alto
Who:     Anyone interested in meeting Canary Center researchers and discussing collaboration opportunities.

2ND Annual Canary Challenge Bicycle Ride Benefitting the Stanford Cancer Institute
When:   Saturday, September 29th
Where:  Start and finish at Wmware in Palo Alto
Who:     Open to the public.  Stanford-affiliated participants receive discounts for early registration:
              $50 until May 31st
              $75 until June 31th
              $100 until Sept 29th


Clinical Trials Awareness Week will be held April 23rd through 27th at the Clinical Cancer Center, 875 Blake Wilbur Drive. The goal is to increase everyone’s knowledge of the importance of participation in clinical trials and the critical role trials play in improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. For more information, contact Ellen DiNucci at 650-725-2839 or

Scheduled Events include:

Tuesday April 24th   
Poster Session  11am - 1pm  presenters available for questions
Patient Stories  1 - 2pm  Rm CC2105  Susie Brain, moderator

Wednesday April 25th
Talk on Clinical Trials  1:30 - 2:30PM  Rm CC2105  George Fisher MD, PhD for Patients & Families

Thursday April 26th
Patient Stories  11am - 12PM  Rm CC2105  Susie Brain, moderator
Poster Session  12 - 2pm  presenters available for questions



V Foundation – Translational Research Award
The Jimmy V foundation will be announcing the availability of a $600,000 grant for an unfunded translational research project that brings together pre-clinical and clinical investigation. Its purpose is to develop novel approaches to the prevention, detection, and treatment of human cancer that requires collaboration of investigators from the lab and the clinic.
Funding: $600,000 ($200,000/yr x 3 yrs)

Internal Timeline: 
April 9th     One-page proposals due for internal review and selection (email to: ) 
April 27th    Selected applicant will be notified to proceed with the full application/proposal 
May 24th    Final proposal due to RMG 
June 1st      Proposal due to V Foundation

Howard Hughes Medical Institute – New Investigators
HHMI seeks to appoint approximately 20 to 30 new investigators in the biological sciences, as well as adjacent fields of biophysics, chemical biology, biomedical engineering, computational biology, plant scientists, experimental evolutionary biologists, and patient- oriented researchers.

Eligibility must be established before May 1, 2012. Deadline for applications is June 13, 2012, at 3:00 PM (Eastern time). All applications must be submitted following instructions on the competition web site:

More information available at or



To better highlight the many research assets available to Institute members, the Bulletin now includes updates on new and expanded services available through the Institute’s Shared Resource Labs.

Animal Tumor Models Shared Resourc: Yanru Chen-Tsai, PhD, Director
New transgenic mouse service: Site-specific gene knock-in mice created within 3 months.
We have recently developed a new method to generate site-specific transgenic mice via direct injection into mouse embryos using integrase, bypassing ES cell targeting step. Our work was published in PNAS in May 2011 (Tasic, et al, 2011). Genes can be knocked-in either at the ROSA26 locus or H11 locus, a novel locus we identified. For detailed information, please visit:

New human ESC/iPSC services
We will culture and expand the H9 hES or custom- iPS cells. We also provide teratoma formation and histology analysis services for the test of the pluripotency in vivo.

Rederivation and cryopreservation services
If you are considering moving your mice into the SIM1 barrier facility, please contact us and we will make it happen.

Proteomics Shared Resoure:  Allis Chien, PhD, Director
The Proteomics Core has new state-of-the-art instrumentation capable of identifying and quantifying thousands of proteins within a single sample.  Numerous proteomic quantitation strategies are now supported, including SILAC, tagged (TMT, iTRAQ), and label-free.  Contact the lab by email: or on the web:

Human Immune Monitoring Shared Resource:  Holden Maecker, PhD, Director
New CyTOF phenotyping assay
The Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC, now offers a new immunophenotyping service for human immune cells, based on mass cytometry (CyTOF).  The CyTOF platform allows for the combination of many more antibodies in a single sample, such that analysis of up to 36 antibody specificities from a single tube of <2 million cells is quite feasible.  Our standard CyTOF phenotyping panel contains 24 antibodies to cell-surface antigens of T cells, B cells, NK cells, and monocytes, to which additional antibodies of your choice can be added.  Please see our protocol and additional information at, or contact our CyTOF manager, Mike Leipold ( for details.



Ann Hsing, PhD, MPH, has joined the Cancer Prevention Institute of California (CPIC) as its new director of research. Hsing was previously a senior investigator at the National Cancer Institute, and now will lead CPIC’s team of 16 research scientists in investigating the causes of cancers and cancer disparities and in reducing the burden of cancers that cannot yet be prevented.



Irene Wapnir, MD, assistant professor of surgery, is first author on “Long-Term Outcomes of Invasive Ipsilateral Breast Tumor Recurrences After Lumpectomy in NSABP B-17 and B-24 Randomized Clinical Trials for DCIS,” published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The paper was included in the Research to Practice 2011 edition of theBreast Cancer Year in Review” list of the year’s most compelling and clinically relevant journal articles.



Kim F. Rhoads, MD, MPH, FACS, assistant professor of surgery, was awarded an NIH R21 grant for her protocol “The quality of care in minority serving hospitals explains cancer disparities.”  The award is for two years.



Billy Loo, MD, PhD, assistant professor of radiation oncology, received a DOD Promising Clinician Research Award for his project, “EF5 PET of Tumor Hypoxia: a Predictive Imaging Biomarker of Response to Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) for Early Lung Cancer.”  The grant is for $375,000 over 3 years.



Maxamilian Diehn, MD, PhD, assistant professor for radiation oncology, also received a DOD Promising Clinician Research Award for his application titled, “A Genomic Strategy for Residual Disease Monitoring in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.”  The award is $375,000 over 3 years.



Peter Maxim, PhD, assistant professor of radiation oncology, was awarded a DOD Early Investigator Synergistic Idea Award for his proposal, “Improving the Diagnostic Specificity of CT for Early Detection of Lung Cancer: 4D CT Based Pulmonary Nodule Elastometry.”  The award provides $400,000 over 2 years.







Tseng Memorial Lectureship
“Anna Karenina and the Genetics of Common Disease”: Mary-Claire King, PhD, American Cancer Society Professor, Department of Medicine (Medical Genetics), Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine
April 4, 2012 (Wed.) | 4:00-5:00 pm |
LKSC, Berg Hall

Cancer Education Seminar Series
"Update on Gynecological Cancers”: Katherine C. Fuh, MD, Clinical Instructor, Fellow, Gynecology Oncology, Stanford University
April 10, 2012 (Tues.) | 8:00-9:00 am |
Clinical Cancer Center, Second Floor (cc 2103-2104) 875 Blake Wilbur Drive

Medical Grand Rounds
“Will We Ever Cure Breast Cancer?”: Marc E. Lippman, MD, MACP, Kathleen & Stanley Glaser Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Florida
April 11, 2012 (Wed.) | 8:00-9:00 am |
LKSC, Berg Hall, B&C conf. Room

Epithelial Biology
“Epigenetic Regulation of Melanoma”: Dan Webster, Khavari Lab
April 13, 2012 (Fri.) | 9:00-10:00 am |
CCSR, 4205

Cancer Education Seminar Series
"Kinase Inhibitors for Sarcoma: Generalize, or Personalize?”: Charles Keller, MD, PhD, Associate Professor Leader, Pediatric Cancer Biology Program, Pape’ Family Pediatric Research Institute, Department of Pediatrics, Oregon Health & Science
April 17, 2012 (Tues.) | 8:00-9:00 am |
Clinical Cancer Center, Second Floor (cc 2103-2104) 875 Blake Wilbur Drive

Pathology Grand Rounds
“New Concepts and Clinical Implications of the 2008 WHO Classification of Lymphomas”: Elaine S. Jaffe, MD, Head, Hematopathology Section, Laboratory of Pathology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland
April 17, 2012 (Tues.) | 12:00-1:00 pm |
LKSC, Room 130

CCSB Seminar
“A Systems Approach to Breast Cancer – Genomics and Beyond”: Joe Gray, PhD, Chair Biomedical Engineering, Oregon Health & Science
April 20, 2012 (Fri.) | 11:00-12:00 noon |
LKSC, Room 130 

Cancer Education Seminar Series – TBA 
April 24, 2012 (Tues.) | 8:00-9:00 am |
Clinical Cancer Center, Second Floor (cc 2103-2104) 875 Blake Wilbur Drive

Canary Center Early Detection Seminar Series
"Integrated Proteomic Strategies for Discovering Novel Biomarkers: An Example with Pancreatic Cancer": Vathany Kulasingam, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
April 26, 2012 (Thurs.) | 5:30 – 6:30 pm |
LKSC, Room 130 


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