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Breast Cancer

Our Team

Choosing Stanford for your care means you'll benefit from the intervention of a highly experienced, interdisciplinary treatment team. The Breast Cancer team includes breast medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast reconstruction specialists, anesthesiologists and specialized oncology nurses and social workers.

Surgical Oncologists

Medical Oncologists

Radiation Oncologist

Breast Reconstruction

Dung Nguyen, MD, PharmD
Dung Nguyen, MD, PharmD

Breast Imaging Radiologists

Registered Nurses

Catherine Kelly
Dana Heirich
Laura Bomarito-Birmingham
Meghan Hughes
Violet Hanft

Nurse Practitioners

Jan Petree
Jessica Foran
Karen Bayuk
Kathy Doherty Smith
Kathy Kamperman
Kerry Shefren

Physician Assistant

Candice Schultz

Medical Assistants

Celia Varela
Jeff DeGuzman
Sangeeta Sethi

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