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Preparing for Your Transplant

Our patients and their families can cope more effectively with the transplant process by understanding your insurance benefit coverage before starting treatment.   Please consider the following questions as you consider transplantation.

Financial and Insurance Considerations

By researching the details of your insurance policy prior to beginning treatment you can maximize your insurance coverage and plan accordingly.  We have experienced blood and marrow transplant program Financial Coordinators who are dedicated to working only with Blood and Marrow Transplant Program patients and can help you throughout the insurance process. If you have questions or concerns about your insurance coverage during transplant, please contact our Financial Coordinators at 650.723.0822.

Caregiver, Housing, and Other Practical Considerations

In addition to financial considerations, you must also consider other practical issues such as:

You will need to have a family member and/or friend act as your caregiver throughout the entire transplant procedure, usually 1-4 months. During the outpatient portion of the transplant your caregiver must be with you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. These caregivers are needed to help you with your medication monitoring, care of your central venous catheter, tracking your food and fluid intake, food preparation, grocery shopping, errands, housecleaning, transportation and companionship. You will be unable to drive during most of your treatment.

You are required to stay near Stanford during the majority of your transplant process. If needed, a Blood and Marrow Transplant Program Social Worker will help you locate appropriate housing during your transplant. Your Social Worker will provide you with more information or you may contact a Blood and Marrow Transplant Program Social Worker at (650) 723-0822.

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